Brought to us by Peters & May

Built in Cape Town, conceptualised by Lord Irvine Laidlaw and designed by Mark Mills, the Cape 31 is the best new one design class to come to the UK and Ireland.

The main attraction of these boats isn't just awesome one design racing while also being very competitive under IRC - for their size they are incredibly portable; everything required to get a Cape 31 on the water fits perfectly into a 40ft container. 31 North are also in the process of commissioning a road trailer for them.

The team from 31 North have brought 14 boats into the UK and Ireland so far with 12 more on their way, however one thing is for sure; none of the boats would be here without the support of their shipping partner Peters & May.

With over four decades of race boat shipping experience, Peters & May was the obvious choice for 31 North when choosing a logistics provider. The team at P&M was instrumental in bringing the factories design of the containerised solution to life and continues to support the class by joining as Preferred Partners. Every effort is taken to make sure boats are delivered safely and in a timely manner so that new owners can get out on the water as quickly as possible.

Anthony Spillebeen, Racing Division Business Consultant said, "Peters & May is delighted to see how the Cape 31 Class has developed and grown in the UK and Ireland. We became aware of the Cape 31 and its performance, versatility and transportability when one of representatives returned from an Invitational Regatta held in Cape Town South Africa back in early 2018. The extremely well designed and balanced rocket ship performed well across the wide range of conditions that this city is renowned for providing. That the boats would become of interest to a global market was clear from the start; the added innovation that they could be easily dismantled, and placed inside a 40 foot HC container including, spars, keel, fin and bulb has definitely been a contributing factor to the success of the class.

As a logistics and transportation solutions provider Peters & May is pleased to have played a small part in building the fleet in the UK. A close working relationship with the Cape 31 Distributors in the UK has been developed and we look forward to providing additional support and logistics as the class grows and decides to expand its sailing water horizon; Caribbean, Malta, Ireland… anywhere really - that’s our game."

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