Cape 31 - Round the Island Race to the Nebuchadnezzar of AIX Rosé

With five boats now on the Solent - the Cape 31’s took on the Round the Island race this weekend, hosted by the Island Sailing Club in Cowes.

The class was supported by AIX Rosé who provided some epic prizes - including a massive 15 litre bottle of wine that was waiting for the crews at the Island Sailing Club after the race.

The race started in almost no wind, with the tide pushing everyone towards the line it was a game of motoring away from the line prestart and lining yourself up to float over after the gun.

Squirt were a bit keen and were OCS, out of the other boats Gallivanter and Nifty looked to have the best starts in the middle of the line.

The breeze slowly started to fill in, turning the first leg to the needles into a beat. Gallivanter led out of the Solent and Squirt did an awesome job catching up with the rest of the fleet.

Once round the needles Katabatic and Jiraffe made some gains by going a bit further inshore out of the tide, than the rest of the fleet. Then Squirt pulled out their secret weapon, their code 0 that was built as a test sail for when the boat was Tokoloshe and the only C31 in the country, racing solely under IRC. With only one halyard and tack line, peeling to the Code 0 isn’t pretty, but for a long leg round the island, it was great! The zero got them round St Catherine’s first and set them up well for the rest of the race.

After St Cat’s was the last chance for gains to be made, VMG downwind against the tide. Nifty did well here, not far behind Squirt. When the fleet got to Bembridge ledge the race home became a bit of a precession - slightly off-the-wind following the leader.

Squirt were the first Cape 31 over the line also finishing 4th in IRC 0 and 19th on line honours - not bad for a 31 foot boat in with the TP52’s, Fast 40s and IC37’s!

1st - Squirt - Russell Peters

2nd - Nifty - Roger Bowden (who will remember to declare next time!)

3rd - Katabatic - Lance Adams

4th - Gallivanter - Tor McLaren

5th - Jiraffe - Simon Perry

IRC 0 Results -

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