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First Class Title Partner Announced - North Sails

We are very grateful to all of the suppliers who make our sport possible and even more grateful to those who want to support the growth of the Cape 31 Class. Over the last couple of months we have reached out to the brands that align with our ethos and are keen to see the class grow.

North Sails were the first to jump at the opportunity and came on board as our first official Class Partners.

Sam Richmond, UK Sales Manager said, “North Sails have been heavily involved in the Cape31 since its inception and the recent boost in new and second hand boat sales is simply awesome. We can’t wait for Round 1 in Poole to get this racing up and running and push the development curve further as we all continue to work out what makes these boats fast. It’s only right that North Sails supports this class and it’s great ownership group, the phone is always on and we are committed with a huge amount of resources locally to help all the teams progress.”

Sam is a big fan of the Cape class, and having won the Voile de St Tropez on North Star II last year he certainly has got to know the boat pretty well. You will no doubt see him and many of the North Sails team on the start line in 2022. The team will be on hand the day before Poole Regatta, round 1 of the series.

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