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The New Builds Arabella and Harlequin have Landed

The new builds Arabella (Hull 24) and Harlequin (Hull 23) have arrived in the UK.

Harlequin team at Cowes Week (Originally Scud, now Fanatic)

Harlequin was initially Scud which was brought in for Cowes Week and was sold to Johnny Cooper (now Fanatic). The new Harlequin has arrived and is being fitted out ready for racing.

Another new owner from the quarter tonner and Fast 40 fleet has now also brought in Cape 31, Arabella. Arabella is being fitted out by Alpha Plus Ltd on the Isle of Wight, getting ready to be shipped to Antigua for the Caribbean season before coming back for the Summer Series! HOW COOL - we're going to have a Cape 31 on the Caribbean circuit this winter - stay tuned to see how they do.

New Arabella getting ready to head to the sunshine

We have our Cape 31 Christmas Party this week at the Royal Thames Yacht Club - can't wait to get together to celebrate our awesome season and look forward to next!

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